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About Us


You often hear of inspiring rags-to-riches stories online, usually a guy from the streets with an unusual idea who, through sheer determination, pioneers a new industry and becomes a billionaire. Well that’s not us, unfortunately. We’re a small but focused and motivated team of misfits who have never lost our passion for creating something new.

The True Potential Group Inc.

The True Potential Group Inc. - Our legal entity - began with a university doodle back in 1998. I was enjoying the self-imposed challenge of designing a good old fashioned British teapot using the letters T-E-A-P-O-T. My aim was to get the first T to form a spout and the middle P to as the handle, and to do this without getting kicked out of my economics lecture.

The design itself is long-lost but I remember with pride how friends commented on how the design was bizarre but entertaining and despite their measly student budget, they’d definitely be interested in buying one. I never acted on the initial design but I unlocked a passion to design - despite having the artistic ability of a tomato.

Why 'Nana The Noodle?'

In short - because no matter what business name we liked, some damn fool had registered the domain or social media account with that name already, so, after what seemed like a hundred attempts, we finally found a name so weird creative that nobody on the planet had considered using it yet. The Nana and The Noodle are also the nicknames of our 2 children and who are always in ourthoughts, no matter how challenging work can be some days.

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